Monday, November 3, 2008

Prophetic Fullfillment

There will be a new post soon. There will be a new post soon. There will be... Hey this is a new post! This is also the announcement of upcoming posts. In the past few months I've been lucky enough to attend masterclasses with Alex Klein and Martin Schuring. I've put some of the things I've learned into practice and am planning on sharing them. Soon.

Summer was crazy, with work being extremely short-handed. It was the year of the dying relatives. Then school took off racing and I've lost all track of my blogging. But I'm coming back with a vengeance!

You are forewarned!


Anonymous said...

Post away, Kate. I'm holding my coffee mug and looking forward to more posts.


Ren said...

You are coming back? Come back! We miss you out here in the oboe-blogging world.